Farm Business Management Research, Education & Technology (including Biotechnology)

Research & Education:

Iowa State University
University of Minnesota

University of Wisconsin-Madison
North Dakota State University
Purdue University
South Dakota State University


Advanced Bio Tech - Odor Control ?? Algae Control ?? Oil Spill Cleanup Bioremediation ?? Environmental Cleanup Services ?? Crop Enhancement ?? Soil Restoration ?? Plant Health
Ag West Bio - focus centers on products derived from living organisms with market applications in agricultural, environmental, industrial, energy and bio-processing, and health and nutrition markets.
American Ag-tech International - a company entirely dedicated to international markets working in the field of agriculture, specifically in genetic development & biotechnology, seeds and seed production, technology transfers & licensing, along with agricultural production of many types. In addition, we are extensively involved in international marketing of value added food products.
Biotechnology for the 21st Century - Biotechnology Research Subcommittee - National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)
Monsanto R&D Pipeline
The University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural Science and Natural Resources